Jose Villa’s Napa Valley Workshop

I had the opportunity to attend a Jose Villa‘s workshop in Napa. Jose shoots medium format and 35 mm film—which is where my aesthetic preferences have been gravitating. I feel this too, photographs are tangible heirlooms. Jose truly believes in wedding photography as an experience taking the utmost care to provide that for his clients. I also learned that like anything in life, a creative team who supports and loves you also blossoms your business. Jose has a great team and they were so kind, real and overall wonderful. They are:

Laurie Arons: wedding and special event planner \\ Mar Romero and Team Hair and Makeup \\ Joel Serrato: videography \\ Brian and Angela with Richard Photo Lab \\ Dena Robertson with Cypress Albums.

I also met 20 really warm wedding photographers who are also loving the film look.

In the evening we utilized the warm (often called ‘buttery’) California evening light to shoot couples in the hills of a winery 40 minutes outside Calistoga, California. It was an eye opening trip and I am so excited apply this beautiful approach to my photography.

Feeling really grateful.

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