Baby Portrait / Big Stacy South Austin Park

Meet Harper Grey.

She has her own website and hashtag and lives in College Station. Her parents are the coolest and talented photographers, JP and Crystal Beato. I met JP In the summer of 2004 when he hired me to work at The Battalion, A&M’s school newspaper. Until then, I did not have much experience shooting digitally. Actually, I think he hired me based on an experimentation print that I had done in the high school dark room. Those 5 years living in College Station I learned about photojournalism and so much about photography from JP while working as a photog at The Battalion and as a graphic designer at The Real Estate Center. JP, Crystal and I had a lot of fun shooting weddings, basketball & football games and features for the Battalion (a random photograph for the day such as this one).

JP was the only photographer at the scene taking pictures when the bonfire fell in 1999. He was nominated for a pulitzer prize and featured in major publications such as Life magazine based on his images.

Today, in addition to photographing weddings and editorial shoots, JP and Crystal tote around their little one year old fashionista, Harper Grey. I wish they would move to Austin because I need more of these three in my life!

Photographed at the Big Stacy park in Austin with a Contax 645 film camera.

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