happy new year

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Happy New Year! I am really excited about 2014.

– I plan to bring my camera around throughout all of my daily adventures. I plan to document the momentous and mundane moments, my personal favorite moments and the unexpected moments of feeling at peace and connected to a sense of what truly matters.

-to constantly be inspired to keep photographing, thinking, listening and writing.

-to create an aesthetic taste in making a cozy home, photography, art, clothes, etc. I gravitate towards quality over quantity, simple, minimalistic.

-to print my photographs for myself and clients because holding photographs is much better in my opinion, than clicking through them.

– to continue to cook mindfully with fresh ingredients

– to be mindful

-to practice a daily yoga/meditation practice at home

-to take walks outside in nature

-to visit museums

and most importantly I plan to to act with love and compassion because some days I may not want to do any of these things and that is ok! I’d love to hear your intentions this new year.

Photograph taken in September in Napa Valley

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